At Maxim88, we’re proud to partner with QQKeno to bring you one of the fastest-growing lottery games in the Malaysian scene. QQKeno has quickly become a favorite among players for its dynamic gameplay, flexible betting options, and generous payouts. This exciting game, now a staple at Maxim88, offers a modern twist on traditional lottery draw games, and here’s everything you need to know about getting started.

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What is QQKeno?

QQKeno is a lottery-style game that traces its roots back to ancient China, originally devised as a method to raise funds for building the Great Wall. The name “Keno” reflects the game’s historical play style, meaning “5 winning numbers” in Chinese. Today, QQKeno enjoys widespread popularity, not just in Asia but globally, from Malaysia to Canada, attracting players with its straightforward yet engaging format.

QQKeno at Maxim88: Game Details

RTPMinimum BetMaximum BetDraw Frequency
Approx 95%MYR 1MYR 100Every 30 seconds

How to Play QQKeno

Playing QQKeno at Maxim88 is as simple as:

  1. Choosing Numbers: Select up to 20 numbers from a pool of 80.
  2. Betting Options: Place your bets, choosing from various types such as Big & Small, Even & Odd, or more unique bets like Upper Middle Lower.
  3. Winning Numbers Draw: Watch as 20 numbers are drawn at random. Your winnings depend on how many of your chosen numbers match.

Popular Betting Types in QQKeno

  • Big & Small Bets: Choose whether the total of 20 numbers will be in the lower (210-809) or higher (811-1410) range.
  • Even & Odd Bets: Predict if the sum of all drawn numbers will be even or odd.
  • Upper Middle Lower Bets: A bet that splits the numbers into three ranges, with rewards for predicting which range the majority of the drawn numbers will fall into.
  • Special Element Bets (Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Land): Each element represents a specific numerical range, adding a layer of strategy and variety to the game.

The Global Appeal of QQKeno

QQKeno’s flexibility in betting and quick draw times makes it an ideal game for both seasoned gamblers and newcomers. Its rapid rise in popularity is testament to its engaging nature and the excitement it brings to players looking for quick, lucrative outcomes.

Maxim88: A Platform for Excellence

At Maxim88, we ensure that every aspect of your gaming experience is seamless and enjoyable:

  • Smooth Interface: Our platform is optimized for ease of use, allowing quick access to games, account management, and customer support.
  • Customer Support: Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist with any inquiries, ensuring you have a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Accessibility: Play QQKeno anywhere, anytime, thanks to our platform’s compatibility with all devices.

Join the thrilling world of QQKeno at Maxim88 today and experience the excitement of one of the fastest-growing lottery games right at your fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the lottery scene, QQKeno at Maxim88 offers a dynamic, rewarding, and enjoyable gaming experience.

RNG War by Funky Games

RNG War is an innovative card game that provides a straightforward, fast-paced competitive experience against the machine. It’s ideal for players looking for quick outcomes similar to lottery draws.

Game DetailsValue
Game TypeCard game
AccessibilityFree play and real-money modes available
PlatformAccessible via web and mobile without the need for downloads


  • Simple yet engaging, where players win by drawing a higher card than the machine. Each round is quick, offering immediate results.

Additional Lottery Games by TCGaming

TCGaming brings additional variety to Maxim88 with a range of themed lottery games that offer unique twists on the traditional lottery format. These games are designed to meet the preferences of a global audience, adding depth to the lottery experience at Maxim88.


  • Diverse Themes: Each game features unique themes and mechanics, providing fresh and engaging experiences for regular players.
  • High-Quality Graphics: Vivid visuals and animations that make gameplay immersive.
  • Customizable Options: Players can choose from various play styles and betting options to suit their preferences.

Global Appeal of Lottery Games

Lottery games have a universal appeal, providing excitement and the potential for significant payouts. At Maxim88, players from around the world, including hotspots like the Philippines, the United States, and Italy, can enjoy these games knowing they are participating in a secure and fair gaming environment.

Conclusion: Maxim88’s partnerships with QQKeno, Funky Games, and TCGaming are central to providing a dynamic and diverse gaming experience that appeals to global audiences. With continuous updates and innovations, Maxim88 remains a top destination for players seeking the thrill of lottery games combined with the security and customer care of a leading online casino. Whether you are in the mood for the classic draw of Keno, the fast action of RNG War, or the varied offerings of TCGaming, Maxim88 has something to excite every player.